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Constructionline accreditation

Constructionline accreditation

Total Locker Service have achieved Constructionline accreditation and is now listed on the constructionline web site which can be accessed by procurement officers.

What is Constructionline?

Constructionline was established in July 1998 when CMIS and ConReg were merged. The service is owned by the DETR but operated by private company Capita under a public-private partnership. The service prequalifies consultants and contractors for public sector work. It does this by assessing their financial and technical ability, based on criteria set by the DETR. The service is free to clients and the public, but you need a computer and modem to operate it. A client enters requirements such as job, cost and location, and Constructionline compiles a report detailing firms qualified to do the work.

Total Locker Service

Supply and install lockers and changing room equipment into both wet and dry changing room environments. Our sales team will be happy to assist you selecting the most appropriate products to meet your needs. We supply a wide range of lockers, bench seating, cubicles and much more. Alternatively, if there is sufficient numbers we can design a solution for you. We can take you from concept to installation. Our engineers will survey and install your products.


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