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School lockers what is available for education

What lockers are available for use as school lockers and how to choose the most appropriate product. School Lockers can be categorised by the resistance to damage, cost, locking methods and suitability to the user.  Therefore you would not want the same height lockers for key stage 1 and 2 as you would for key stage 3 and 4. For instance, we at Total Locker Service can assist you in selecting the most appropriate product for you. We have a vast product portfolio available and can assist you in your selection or we can specify something specific.

School lockers
Laminate door lockers

How to select school lockers

 First determine what is to be stored and the size of the items.
Then how it is to be locked.
The likelihood of the locker being damaged or abused.
The environment the locker is in.
Mini lockers
Personal effects lockers

Locker size

Lockers are available from very small available for storing mobile phones and personal belongings to very large available door lockers.

Standard lockers are available manufactured in heights between 1775mm and 1800mm high; widths are usually available from 225mm to 450mm and depths from 300mm to 550mm.

These standard lockers are available with a single door, two doors, three doors, four doors, five doors and six doors, other options are available.

Pure lockers
Metal lockers

Locking methods

The standard locking method for all lockers is a key lock usually called a cam lock supplied with two keys or a swivel hasp lock to take a padlock usually supplied by the customer.

Other locking options depending on locker door type are coin locks, mechanical combination locks, electronic combination locks and RFID card locks are a selection.

Swivel hasp locks can be used as a handle for use with Key stage 1 students.

Locker duty

Basic lockers are manufactured from steel with steel doors. If you need a more robust product then there are laminate door lockers which are far more robust and resistant to damage and vandalisam, they are usualy twice the price of a metal locker. Beyond this, there is an extra heavy duty locker which was specificaly designed for use in schools.
Total Locker Service suport all our lockers in the after market and can provide you with keys locks and replacement doors.

Locker environment

If your lockers are to last and provide trouble-free service you need to select lockers manufactured from the correct materials. Metal lockers are good for use inside a building that is dry and not too damp outside of this type of environment metal lockers will rust. Therefore most metal lockers are supplied with locks that cant tolerate wet environments.

If you are to place lockers in a wet environment, the lockers need nade from rust-free materials. Lockers with aluminium bodies and compact grade laminate doors this type of locker will function in wet and chlorine environments.

For municipal leisure and pools with large numbers of customers. You need to ensure that the lockers are such heavy-duty that they will cope with the throughput.

For external use, the best choice is plastic locks as they will cope with the rain, sum and are incredibly heavy duty.

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