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Coin operated £1 locks, are you £1 ready Bourne Leisure are up and running!

Coin operated £1 locks, Are you £1 ready Bourne Leisure is up and running!

Total Locker Service has been getting ready for the new £1 coin for the past two years with both new Product and Service.   One of the main areas we have concentrated on was checking with customers that they are using coin locks this involved a lot of Marketing and call customers to enquire on the locks they are using and could we assist them on planning for the new coin.

The £1 coin has changed

coin locks

The £1 coin has new changed from the old round coin to a new slightly larger multi-sided coin, this has resulted in over 80% of coin locks over 12 months old not being able to accept the new coins.

Total Locker Service has a full range of cost-effective solutions to this problem so why not call us on 01284749211

ojmar coin locks

Coin operated £1 locks

We have done a lot of Service and Maintenance for Bourne Leisure over the past years and this included all of the Haven Sites.  We were approached by Andy Bell at Bourne Leisure who wanted all of the Haven sites changing over to accept the new £1.

We carried out Site Surveys of all the sites this enabled us to work out what locks would work, needed new ones or could be converted the majority of the locks on site were Assa and Ojmar.   We compiled all this information with what Andy had sent over and worked on the price for him.

We were awarded this in February but with the holiday season soon to start for Haven we were on a very tight schedule to get all sites up and running by the end of March.  We worked in phrases around the country and the engineers worked a few early morning and late nights to get all this completed in time.

Helen worked closely with Andy on a weekly basis and sent him a schedule of works to keep him updated on all the sites and the progress this worked really well as some sites also, sent in Purchase Orders to cover Service and Maintenance and Parts.   We carried out this work at the same time as the preparing them for the new £1 coin this helped keep the labour cost down.

The work was completed by 24th March in time for Haven to open for the season and with the new £1 launched at the end of March, all sites were ready and fully functional.

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