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What do you do with your keys when you run? Need a key strap

What do you do with your keys when you run?

Need a key strap.

As a service provider we pay special attention to the needs of our customers; Carrying keys while swimming or working out can be uncomfortable and potentially result in misplacement or loss so many of our customers use key straps to resolve this issue.

leisure wrist straps

Product is good for

  • Running
  • Walking the dog
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Playing football
  • Skating
  • Surfing

Locker wrist straps

Leisure Wrist strap

Over the years we have found the most commonly raised issue by our customers is the durability of straps as swimming pools are corrosive and aquatic environments.

With strap deterioration being a regular occurrence we have specifically designed a wrist strap made from quality highly flexible polymers for use in municipal pools to help reduce the frequency of replacement.

Since we started introducing this design into the market, we have successfully reduced the costs associated with replacing straps too many sites by around 80% making both budgets and changing room logistics more manageable

Our straps are available in a variety of colours and can be provided with numbering from 1 – 9999, the numbers are highly resistant to fading and will last 3 – 5+ years in normal usage.


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