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Before buying lockers, consider future locker parts availability

Before buying lockers, consider future locker parts availability

When you make a major capital purchase you need to know that you will be able to purchase parts for your lockers for 10 years. If you are about to spend £30,000 on leisure lockers or £5,000 on metal lockers you would like to be confident that you can purchase locker parts.

This is not always the case we have had about four occurrences over the last 6 months where we have had requests from people unable to buy locker parts from major locker manufacturers. This has been made even worse by the fact that the lockers where only 4 to 7 years old.

For the majority of these we have been able to manufacture parts for the lockers. This is not always possible if extrusions or complex hinges are involved.

Locker parts

So when looking to purchase new lockers check the availability of parts and how long they guarantee parts supply. A locker with a slightly lower initial cost could work out to be a very expensive purchase.

We at Total Lockers support all are locker through our Parts and service team. We still support lockers that are over 25 years old.

Premium metal lockers

Our system 2000 leisure lockers and our System 1300 premium metal lockers are all supported by or parts promise.
Premium System 1300 lockers are available in 1 to 6 compartments with a wide choice of locking methods. Dimensions range from 225, 300, 380 and 450mm wide, 300, 380, 450 and 550mm deep and 1775mm high. All metal construction finished in powder finish in a wide range of colours.

Leisure lockers

System 2000 are available in 1 to 6 compartments. Standard locking is £1 coin return though a wide range of locking methods are available. Dimensions 1800mm high, 300 and 400mm wide, 450 and 500mm deep. Carcass is aluminium with plastic top, base and shelves. Locker doors are manufactured from Formica or Arpa compact grade laminate.

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