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Phone and personal effects lockers for call centres

Personal effects lockers

Following the FSA ruling on mobile phones being prohibited in call centres, there is a need to ensure that this directive is implemented. To achieve this, your staff will need to be able to store their mobile phones and personal belongings securely so they feel comfortable leaving their technology unattended. For administration purposes, the storage must be low maintenance easy to control and trouble free.

Total Locker Service has supplied a number of call centres with storage solutions all of which have been individually tailored to the specific requirements of the individual call centres. For Allianz, we provided them with our Mini minder lockers along with our System 1306 locker with 6 compartments. The locking option they chose from the large number of options we offer was a coin return lock, this specific lock was designed to function with either a £1 coin or our £1 sized token. This gave them the option to issue token to their permanent staff while occasional users could use the storage with a £1 coin. This selection of lockers was sufficient to cover all there call centre needs at all there UK locations.

Mini Minder Lockers

Mini minder lockers are available in blocks that can be wall mounted or supported on locker stands when the walls are just partitions. The lockers is compact providing sufficient space for mobile phones, wallets, purses and other small personal belongings, the compartment size is approximately 200mm high x 200mm wide x 200mm deep. We can also provide this unit with a 3 pin UK socket for charging mobile phones and small personal electronic equipment. Individual units are available with 5, 10, 12, 20, 28 and 40 compartments. This locker is available with a wide range of locking options.

System 1306 Lockers

System 1306 lockers are 6 compartment lockers designed to be positioned against a wall or positioned back to back, the lockers is available in a wide range of sizes though the most common size used for call centres is 1775mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm deep this unit provides a compartment size approximately 300mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm deep. This is ideal storage for larger items such as handbags.

This is just a small selection of the most common storage solutions provided to call centres, if you need assistance in selecting the most appropriate storage solution then call are friendly staff on 01284 749 211 or email us at

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