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Hot desking storage solutions

We provide tailored hot desking storage solutions to meet your individual needs With the increase in home working hot desking has become increasingly more common. If you are to get the most out of your staff. It is not sufficient just to provide a desk that is available when they are in the office. You need to consider there other requirements, storage of their stationery, laptop, and mail. All the facility’s that an office based person would expect. It is not possible to provide desks with more than one pedestal storage system so an alternative solution needs to be identified, that are easy to use and practical. Total locker service has solutions to meet your needs one of which is our 3 compartments hot desk locker. The locker will accommodate 3 people with individual storage. Each compartment has a slot in the door for mail an additional shelf to maximise storage capacity. The size of the compartments is sufficient to allow storage of laptops and A4 files. Your mail can be retrieved from the top shelf when you open the locker door. Our lockers are 1775mm high x 450mm wide x 450mm deep with a wide range of locking methods and an extensive choice of locker door colour. Why not let Total Locker Service assist you in producing the solution that meets your needs.

What our customers think

Customer comment Teresa Hoey, Operations Manager, HQIP We were moving office and looking to go to hot desking to allow for flexible working and to encourage staff to move around and work with different teams to better understand their work.  In order to achieve this, we decided to move away from having individual pedestals at each desk and instead provide lockers where staff could store the contents of their desk and any personal items securely.  We spent some time trying to source lockers at a competitive price and found Total Lockers after a long search. Working direct with the manufacturers has a lot of benefits.  They have been very helpful in providing us with the size and style of locker we were looking for and the price was extremely competitive compared to other companies we have talked to.  The lockers are made to measure and exactly what we wanted.  They have been taken up immediately by the staff who seem to have really embraced the idea of clear desks.  We can even deliver post to the lockers if a member of staff is on leave.

I would have no problem in recommending the product or service.

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