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Electronic locker lock conversion with Ojmar OCS combination locks

Electronic Locker lock conversion

Kingsdale School approached our service manager Nigel Brown with a problem concerning a networked electronic lockers system they had installed about 10 years ago, they were finding it increasingly difficult to secure parts and service for the system and reliability were becoming a problem.The lockers themselves are well constructed functional and designed to meet their needs and it seemed pointless and expensive to replace the whole locker system.
Nigel visited the site and after some time debating the issue made them a proposal to remove the existing locks and replace them with a lock we have previously used for Lords Cricket Ground.

The lock is an Ojmar OCS electronic combination lock, simple to operate easy to fit with the reliability of Ojmar locking systems.
Technology and design come together in this easy to use, key-free lock, where users simply have to choose a 4-digit code to operate the lock.

Available in models for assigned use rented lockers with rotation or free selection and coin operating option to prevent improper locker reservation, the OCS Touch Lock is the ideal solution in facilities that require an operative, key-free autonomous system, problem free in wet areas.
Our team of service engineers which will comprise of Steve and Dean with the occasional assistance of Michael and Nigel.
This locking solution should allow the lockers to function for many years to come.

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