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Locker, Medical Cabinet, Parts & Service

Best price and delivery, Save up to 40%. 5-day delivery on our Express Line Locker.

Free UK delivery on all our storage solutions, massive range of locks and parts. School storage lockers and metal storage solutions are available on a 5-day delivery.

School Storage

Our premium range of lockers which include our laminate door versions is on a 3 to 4 week lead time.

Our seating is available in stock also on a 5-day delivery.

If you are looking for Lockers, school storage, or any related service; including buying spare parts or refurbishing locks, you have come to the right place.

Whatever your needs we can provide you with lockes, services and maintenance options that are second to none.

We are proud to be the best value online for storage solutions. Our range includes School lockers, Metal lockers, Wire mesh lockers and much more.

Our range of leisure storage lockers for swimming pools, golf clubs and gyms, and suitable for use in a workplace or school.

Our lockers can be used in practically any private or public setting.

We can provide clear view or mesh lockers (which let you view the contents), or police storage or larger units to store things like musical instruments.

Our secure and sturdy storage lockers are easy to clean and are available in various colours.

Parts & Service

We provide comprehensive service and maintenance options for all, especially for the leisure sector.

We can tailor make a service package to your individual needs dependent on how busy the centre is and the age of your storage.

It has been our experience that when lockers are serviced on a regular basis, the ongoing costs reduce significantly, and the lifespan is increased drastically.

If you have a service contract with us, you benefit from our technical help, easy planning and altering your service dates.

As a service contract customer, we will also guarantee to keep in stock all fast moving replacement parts you are likely to need. Our leisure wrist straps are the best available and on average last twice as long as our competitors.

If you are interested in any of our service options from a one-off service to a service contract, we will be happy to do a free survey and provide you with a quotation.

Leisure wrist straps

We supply leisure wrist straps including a brass rivet in the following colours Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White, yellow and Grey.

The leisure wrist straps can be supplied with or without numbers; our numbers are available from 0 to 9999.


We stock an extensive range of locks Ojmar coin, ASSA Classic coin, L&F Classic coin, electronic and mechanical combination along with a vast variety of cam and hasp.

Refurbished locks

For when budgets are tight, we offer renovated ASSA Classic and Ojmar coin locks from stock.

Replacement doors

We can provide replacement doors for both laminate and, metal call us on 01284 749211.

Fast delivery lockers delivered in?

Fast delivery lockers delivered in?

Delivered within 5 working days

When specialy arranged with the office it can be as littal as 2 working days

What is the most popular locker size

What is the most popular locker size?

The most popular locker size is 1800mm tall by 300mm wide by 450mm deep

What is a wet specification locker made of

What is a wet specification locker made of?

The most popular materials are aluminium with compact-grade laminate doors

Standard metal

Leisure Storage

Our Pure aluminium locker range with laminate doors are our primary municipal leisure offering; it has been specifically designed as a low-maintenance laminate door leisure locker, with a lifespan of over 15 years.

This product has a choice of laminates. A wide range of locking options are available.

Dry specification laminate door storage are available as are Z shaped.

Industrial storage

We supply heated lockers for drying of garments for outside works, people working in freezers, cyclists and much more.

We also have specialist ranges of storage lockers for management of garments, separating clean and dirty garments, storage of uniforms and postal.

Outdoor storage olockers

This is our eXtreme plastic locker fully rust proof as it is manufactured from plastic, it is incredibly strong and resistant to damage, easy to maintain and can be used in a wide range of leisure and industrial environments.

School storage

Our range of school storage with metal doors consist of our 5-day delivery, Pure Fireproof & Probe systems.

If you need something more robust and designed to last 4 times as long as metal door storage, then we have a ranges specifically designed for schools our Pure laminate door provide additional strength and security.

Choosing the Number of Compartments

There are generally up to six different compartment choices (One - Six Compartment/Door), each with the number of doors in a vertical configuration.

An important factor, space needed verses the number of individual storage spaces needed, should be determined in order to make your decision.

Accessory Options

Once you have decided on the crucial specifications for your storage, there are several other choices you can add to the mix.

Most accessories are not required for completion, however they can add a finished more professional look or create easier cleaning for janitorial staff.

Some accessories you may want to consider:

Shelving and Racking

Security products

TLS supply a wide range of security products

Most of our security products are on a 5 day lead time

Cash and fire safe

TLS has an extensive range of fire and cash-rated safes at extremely good value.

We primarily work with two major suppliers, Securikey and Pheonix, both UK-based manufacturers safe.

Most of our products are available within five working days for delivery to the United Kingdom mainland.


We have been worked with a leading mirror specialist with over 60 years of mirroring expertise to develop a range of Convex Mirrors including Institution Polycarbonate and stainless steel mirrors as well as Anti-Vandalism safety mirrors.

All convex safety mirrors meet the exacting standards of both Police and Secure Facility requirements.

The mirrors have also been developed in conjunction with prison architects and rigorously tested to meet stringent UK Home Office, London Metropolitan Police and Prison Service regulations.


How to select a key cabinet

Key cabinets provide secure storage for your keys, though the level of security will vary widely.

Don’t expect to buy a budget key cabinet and expect it to be as secure as a key safe, though there is little point paying for more security than you need, and it is exactly the same with lock type; there is little point selecting a very expensive lock on a budget key cabinet.

Key locks have the disadvantages such as lost keys or the keys can be copied; If you want more than one user to be able to use the cabinet at any one time a combination lock that can store multiple combinations may be the best solution.

Levels of key cabinet security How many keys can a key cabinet hold

Key cabinets hold from 20 to 600 keys, deep cabinets are suitable for bunches of keys, and there are specialist cabinets designed to hold padlocks.

For the key store, the standard lock is a cam with two keys, other options available are hasp to take a padlock along with a range of mechanical and electrical combination.

For the key vault, standard locking is a deadlock with 5-pin Euro profile cylinder & 2 keys, mechanical and electronic combination are available with the electronic combination locking allowing up to 8 users.

Key safes as standard the key safes are secured with a three-way locking mechanism, shooting 20mm bolts and using a VdS approved lock, although you have the option of fitting a combination or electronic locking system, mechanical and electronic combination locks are available with the electronic combination allowing up to 8 users.


Select the key cabinet with the appropriate level of security, carefully consider the lock-in mechanism; If you need more than one person to have access, the key cabinet then considers a key cabinet with combination locks.

It is wise to select a key cabinet with a little more capacity than your current needs, so you have room for growth; If you need to store bunches of keys, then select one of the deep cabinets as they are specifically designed for this.

Express Line Items &
5-Day delivery

Fast Delivery lockers, Sloping Top

Fast delivry lockers are here to save the day, available on a 5 day lead time.

Pure Steel Lockers

Fireproof and anti-bacterial storage Lockers

Pure Steel storage the only zero Carbon UK storage Manufacturer

Fast Delivery Lockers

Fast delivery lockers

Lockers fast delivery to the UK mainland, flat and sloping tops. Solid and robust lockers.

Workplace & Staff storage

Metal Workplace; Staff Lockers

Service & Parts

Service & Parts

If you’re experiencing problems with your existing storage equipment, give our skilled team a call.

We have the knowledge and experience you need for everything from minor repairs to complete refurbishment and we can also supply you with all the parts you need.

Leisure Locker Solutions

Leisure storage lockers

If you’re responsible for a leisure centre, gym, hotel, holiday park or swimming pool; you’ll love our amazing range of changing room equipment.

We have everything you might need, including cubicles and benches.

Changing Room bench seating

Bench seating

Seating, we supply a range of wet and dry bench seating with Ash hardwood slats along with a full range of rust free plastic seating. We have bench seating delivered on a 5-day lead time.

Rust Free Shelving For Extreme Environments

Fireproof Lockers

Rust Free Shelving For Extreme Environments

Security Products

Security Products

We have a wide range of security products in stock for a 5-day delivery free to the UK: Safes, key cabinets, medical cabinets, security mirrors and much more.

Office & industrial cabinets

probe cabinets

Our Probe cupboards are on a 5-day lead time. If you are looking for something more specialised, then our range of Probe cupboards and cabinets our on a 3-week lead time.

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

We have a wide range of wire mesh storage available on a 5-day lead time to the UK mainland.


Security Products Key Electronic Safes Secure Cabinets

We have a wide range of Safes and Secure Cabinets with keyed safes and electronic locking options, available on a 5-day lead time to the UK mainland.

hotel number plates and discs

Engraved products, hotel and number plates and discs

We have a wide range of hotel number plates and discs available on a 5-day lead time to the UK mainland.


keys next day dispatch

We cut and ship most of our keys on a next day lead time to the UK mainland.

Secure Medical Cabinets

Security Medical Cabinets

We ship most of our Secure Medical Cabinets on a 5 next day lead time to the UK mainland.

Tube heater the low cost space heating

Tube heater the low cost space heating

We ship most of our Tube heater the low cost space heating solution on a 5 next day lead time to the UK mainland.


Digi Lock, Ojmar, ASSA, L&F and Code Lock

We have a wide range of locks from Digi Lock, Ojmar, ASSA, Lowe and Fletcher and Code Lock to the UK mainland.

Pool Side Storage

Pool Side Storage

Pool Side Storage Solutions

ReRaat Security Safes and Products

ReRaat Security Safes and Products

We ship most of our DeRaat safes and security products in under 1 week to the UK mainland.

Stacarac Rust Free Shelving and Seating

Stacarac Rust Free Shelving and Seating

Stacarac Rust Free Shelving and Seating

QMP Workplace Products

QMP Workplace Products

QMP Workplace Products

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