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Racking Solutions

We’re not just locker experts, we also have a fantastic a range of racking and shelving products that will meet practically any storage requirement you might have.

We pride ourselves on stocking some of the most innovative space saving solutions available, including delta mobile shelving, supershelf racking and Probe shelving range.

These products are suitable for use in offices, libraries, warehouses or other professional environments. We have everything from slotted angled storage compartments, lightweight static and mobile plastic shelving to storage container trolleys.

Supershelf is a zinc finish steel storage system designed for use in a wide range of industrial or commercial applications, including retail and wholesale. These are adjustable, durable and sturdy products. The shortspan and longspan offerings come in various width and depths and can hold up to 280kg and 350kg respectively per shelf

Library shelving, We have has spent years developing library systems with the precise needs of the customers and their users in mind. We know, therefore, that library users expect attractive premises and to be able to locate and obtain the books and magazines they seek quickly and easily.

Ikon shelving, Ideal for archive and medical records storage. This range of shelving cam be combined with a mobile storage platform to save even more storage space. A stylish and clean cut solution. Ikon Shelving is a functional yet stylish, BOLT FREE shelving system, quality engineered to provide a sturdy and robust system that will offer many years of service.

Kinetic mobile shelving, One of the key problems that all businesses and organisations will have to face at some time, a lack of adequate storage space. It's a fact of life that all types of business will outgrow their available space eventually. However, the cost of moving or extending existing premises can easily be avoided by investing in a mobile filing system. Conventional filing systems have long been considered cumbersome and unwieldy with space utilisation anything but optimised.

Total Locker Service offers a comprehensive range of racking and shelving solutions designed to optimize storage space and organization efficiency. Their products are built with durability and functionality in mind, catering to various industries and applications. From warehouses to retail environments, their racking and shelving systems are customizable to meet specific requirements.

Total Locker Service's racking options include pallet racking for heavy-duty storage of palletized goods, cantilever racking for long and bulky items, and shelving systems for smaller items and easy access. Their shelving solutions encompass boltless shelving for quick assembly and flexibility, archive shelving for document storage, and wire shelving for improved visibility and airflow.

With a focus on quality and safety, Total Locker Service ensures that their racking and shelving products comply with industry standards and regulations. They provide expert guidance throughout the selection and installation process, maximizing space utilization and operational efficiency for their clients. Whether it's a small-scale storage room or a large warehouse facility, Total Locker Service delivers reliable racking and shelving solutions tailored to individual needs.

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