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Racking Solutions

We’re not just locker experts, we also have a fantastic a range of racking and shelving products that will meet practically any storage requirement you might have.

Rust-Free Aluminium and Plastic Shelving: Perfect for Poolside and Food Preparation Areas In environments like poolside areas or food preparation zones, having durable and reliable shelving is crucial. Rust-free aluminium and plastic shelving offer a perfect solution, combining strength, hygiene, and ease of maintenance.

Strength and Durability

Aluminium Construction:

Rust-free aluminium ensures longevity and withstands outdoor elements effortlessly. It remains stable in wet conditions, making it ideal for poolside use without corrosion worries.

Plastic Components:

High-quality plastic parts complement aluminium frames, enhancing durability and ensuring resistance to water and chemical exposure. This combination prolongs the shelf's lifespan even in demanding environments.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Smooth Surfaces:

Plastic shelving units feature smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe down and disinfect, meeting stringent hygiene standards in food preparation areas. This reduces the risk of contamination and facilitates quick cleanup after use.

Non-Porous Materials:

Both aluminium and plastic used in the shelving are non-porous, preventing absorption of liquids or odours. This feature is essential for maintaining cleanliness and food safety standards in kitchens or near pools where spills are common.

Versatile and Functional Design

Adjustable Shelves:

Many models come with adjustable shelves, allowing for flexible storage configurations based on specific needs. This adaptability is valuable in dynamic environments where storage requirements can change frequently.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy:

Despite their robustness, these shelves are lightweight, making them easy to move or reposition as necessary. This feature enhances their usability in both temporary setups and permanent installations.

Weather and UV Resistance

Outdoor Compatibility:

Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including sun exposure and humidity, these shelves retain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time. They are UV resistant, preventing fading or degradation from prolonged sunlight exposure.

All-Weather Performance:

Whether used poolside under direct sunlight or in covered outdoor kitchens, the materials used ensure consistent performance without warping or weakening due to weather variations.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Tool-Free Assembly:

Simple assembly procedures require no specialized tools, allowing quick setup and installation. This convenience minimizes downtime and disruption during initial deployment.

Low Maintenance:

Once assembled, the shelving units require minimal upkeep. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water suffices to maintain their appearance and functionality, ensuring long-term satisfaction and value.

Rust-free aluminium and plastic shelving are indispensable for environments where durability, hygiene, and versatility are paramount. Whether in poolside settings where exposure to water and sun is constant or in food preparation areas where cleanliness is critical, these shelves excel. Their robust construction, ease of maintenance, and weather-resistant properties make them a reliable choice for both residential and commercial applications. Invest in rust-free aluminium and plastic shelving today to enhance organization, cleanliness, and efficiency in your designated spaces.

Racking & Shelving Solution

Plastic Shelving Unit

Plastic Shelving Unit 4 Shelf 1000x400x1495mm (LxWxH) Plastic Shelving Unit

Lead Time 10 Days

from £265.00 Plus V.A.T.

Plastic Shelving UnitSpecification Sheet
Plastic Shelving Unit

Mobile Plastic Shelving Unit

Mobile Plastic Shelving Unit 4 Shelf 1000x400x1560mm (LxWxH) Mobile Plastic Shelving Unit

Lead Time 10 Days

from £323.00 Plus V.A.T.

Mobile Plastic Shelving UnitSpecification Sheet
Mobile Plastic Shelving Unit

Aluminium Shelving Unit

Aluminium Shelving Unit 4 Shelf 1000x400x1495mm (LxWxH) Aluminium Shelving Unit

Lead Time 10 Days

from £374.00 Plus V.A.T.

Aluminium Shelving UnitSpecification Sheet
Aluminium Shelving Unit

Mobile Aluminium Shelving Unit

Mobile Aluminium Shelving Unit 4 Shelf 1000x400x1560mm (LxWxH) Mobile Aluminium Shelving Unit

Lead Time 10 Days

from £421.00 Plus V.A.T.

Mobile Aluminium Shelving UnitSpecification Sheet
Mobile Aluminium Shelving Unit

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