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Lockers perfect for compartmental storage for the workplace and schools.

Lockers perfect for compartmental storage.

Z shape lockers are perfect for storage of small items and work clothes to be hung. We would recommend at an additional price, sloping tops to avoid items being left on top of them and can come in a range of selected colour options available. These lockers come with hasp and cam locks as standard. The additional price you can get them with latch locks plus card locks and coin operated. End panels are an additional price, which creates an aesthetic appearance and to protect row ends and is specifically designed end panels are available.  Another additional price is number plates and number discs are perfect for user-friendly access to these lockers. Also, an additional price is for spare parts such as locks and key for convenience.  With a standard option is either 10 disc tumbler cam lock in a mastered suite with two keys to each lock or, at no extra cost, a latch lock for the user’s own padlock we recommend padlock shank dimensions 6 mm.

Z lockers

SY1300 lockers are available in various configurations and sizes ranging from full-length lockers to multi-compartment lockers offering storage and security for up to six people and come with high-quality cam and hasp locks. Additional parts for additional costs are coin operated and latch locks plus card locks, end panels for an aesthetic look and to protection for row ends, specific end panels are available and sloping tops recommended so users won’t leave items on top. With a range of different colours available.

Heavy duty lockers duty system lockers are perfect for the workplace, with a door frame that is constructed from a heavy gauge mild steel which is press-formed channel section.  The door is manufactured from 10mm thick solid grade laminate or compact density fibreboard in a plant on style which is supported as standard by an unsprung semi-concealed “five knuckle”, 180º opening, hinges.

Bowling bag lockers

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