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Locker service and locker lock conversions

Locker service and refurbishment

Total Locker Service offer a wide range of service packages and locker refurbishment solutions to meet your needs.

We offer the following solutions and more

Locker servicing

Fixed price service contracts including parts

Locker refurbishment

Locker lock conversion

Replacement locker doors

Why take a service package? We offer you the following advantages, discounted locker parts, the ability to schedule in advance a service visit, priority call out if you have problems, technical assistance from our dedicated service and parts team.

Service contract

Standard locker service packages are available from one service a year  to as many as your need. This contract provides a fixed labour charge and discounted locker locks and parts. We will stock the key parts you need for your lockers so there is no long wait when things go wrong.

Fixed price service contracts

Fixed price servicing offers a way for you to fix your budget for the year. We would charge you a fixed price for servicing your lockers for the year inclusive of parts and labour from as little as 2.99 per compartment. The number of visits is down to you. We would provide you with a free initial survey and a cost for bringing your lockers back to full operational condition. After that we will service your lockers. The main benefit of this service agreement is fixed cost, no more surprises, no unbudgeted costs.

Locker refurbishment

We offer locker refurbishment for a large number of locker manufacturers, resolve security issues, replace locker doors and bring the lockers back to optimum condition possible. We will provide you with a free locker survey and provide you with a quotation for carrying out the work. Our engineers are very flexible and if needed can work out side normal hours.

Locker lock replacement

We offer a wide selection of locker locks and can advise on the best solution to meet your needs, our engineers have had extensive experience of converting lockers to take alternative locks. We can convert,  coin operated lockers to swivel hasp locks to take padlocks. Convert lockers to coin operated locks, electronic combination locks, RFID locks and many more. We would provide you with a free survey and a comprehensive quotation.

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