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Electronic combination locks & Mechanical Combination Locks

Looking to increase the security of your lockers. Constantly having to replace keys.

If you are looking for a simple conversion to mechanical or digital combination locks then the products below are worth a look.

Available in models for assigned use rented lockers with rotation or free selection and coin operating option to prevent improper locker reservation.
The OCS Touch Lock is the ideal solution for facilities that require an operative, key-free autonomous system that is problem free in wet areas.
Kitlock 1000
The KitLock 1000 locker locks are easily fitted to metal lockers with a standard key or hasp locks.
These keyless locks are easy to fit, taking just a few minutes to remove the existing cam lock and then making an additional top fixing for the new.
KL1000 can also be fitted to a locker or cabinet that does not have an existing locking device already fitted, giving the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassle of keys! Once in place, the lock will perform 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries.
kitlock 1000
Kitlock 1200

The KitLock 1200 locker locks is a popular choice for more challenging environments. A tougher, more robust lock range with all the benefits of the KL1000 plus additional features and functions.

The locks are easy to fit, providing additional programming features, stainless steel buttons, dual fixing points and improved number of operations from two AAA cells.

Now available in a right-hand model and with the option of a slam latch accessory. Simplify access control and go keyless with KitLock.

N4dcl - 4 Digit Combination Lock


With a massive 10,000 possible combinations, you can be assured that it is a tough ask for any thief to stumble across the combination.

The lock is easy to reprogramme and emergency access is quick and simple with the reset key.

To set a new code user simply hold the button on the side of the lock (when open) and turn the dials to the new code, release the button and the new code has been set.

Lost codes can be found using the reset key.

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