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Coin Locks for Locker Doors, Mechanical Coin Locks

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Locker Coin Locks

Coin Locks

  • Can be provided with a coin return tray or a coin collecting box.
  • Can be made for use in different environments

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ASSA Coin Lock
Ojmar Coin Lock

ASSA Classic Coin Locks

Can be provided with a coin return tray or a coin collecting box.

The lock can be made for use in different environments:

Specification Sheet

Dry Areas:

  • Lock case of polycarbonate
  • Cylinder of chromated brass
  • Keys of nickel plated brass
  • All remaining unspecified components of yellow chromated steel

Wet Areas(corrosive environments):

  • Lock case of polycarbonate
  • Cylinder of chromated brass
  • All remaining unspecified components of nickel plated brass.
ASSA Classic Coin Lock

Retrofit coin lock £

Can be fitted to most metal and laminate door lockers, needs no drilling.

Locks designed for use in dry areas

Specification Sheet

Product description

  • Coin operated lock, usable as cam lock
  • Easy to retrofit on most lockers with 16x19mm fixing holes
  • Emergency opening by master key
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy and self-explaining operation
  • Cylinder with key bend protection and insertion guide
  • User-friendly reversible key
  • Direction of rotation R/L settable
  • 1.000 keyed-different cylinders
  • Cylinder core exchangeable
  • Lock fixing by nut (A/F 22)
  • Housing made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic
  • Mechanism completely made of metal
Retrofit £1 coin lock

ASSA E-Lite Coin Locks

The case is provided with an integrated coin return tray.

Assa E-Lite is made of polycarbonate and chromated brass to resist corrosive environments.

If a round hole has been made in the door then ASSA's reinforcement plate is recommended.

The reinforcement plate is ordered separately (part number 492875.)

Specification Sheet
ASSA Elite Coin Lock

Ojmar Coin Locks

This range of locks includes dry, wet & high security specifications.

  • All Ojmar coin locks have removable cylinders complete with 2 keys.
  • Locks are available for both right and left hinged lockers.
  • All Ojmar coin lock cylinders have the key number engraved on the side.
  • Option of Coin Return Tray Or Coin Collect box

Our Ojmar £1 locks work with both the old £1 coin and new £1 released in 2017.

Ojmar Coin Lock

Lowe & Fletcher Coin Lock

These locks are available for use in wet or dry areas with left and right orientation.

Accepts both the old & new £1 coins

Ideal for use in gyms and fitness centres, spas and swimming pools.

  • Standard finish: Bright chrome nozzle
  • All components non-ferrous (wet area)
Low and Fletcher Coin Lock

Lowe & Fletcher Euro coin locks

A Coin lock 2786 and 2788 with a sliding bolt and left and right orientation.

The lock is either dry or fully wet area* tested and suitable for chlorinated atmospheres so is ideal for use in swimming pools, gyms, fitness centres and spas.

The lock can operate with a comprehensive range of coins or tokens thus encouraging users to return their key.

Euro coin locks

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