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Deposit Safes With Key, Combination Or Fingerprint Locks

Deposit Safes With Key, Combination Or Fingerprint Locks

Phoenix provide a range of highly secure deposit safes including cashier deposit safes for regular use and underfloor safes for discreet security. All safes have an insurance rating and are available with a range of locks, including key, keypad and fingerprint.

Total Locker Service provides an extremely wide range of data safes, if you don't find what you are looking for here please call 01284 749211.

Deposit safes are designed for use in a business environment where cash or receipts need to be deposited securely by staff members but cannot access the full safe. They are also known as drop safe.

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Data Safes With Key, Combination Or Fingerprint Locks

SS0800D Series - Vela DepositSS0800D Series - Vela Deposit

from £46 Plus V.A.T.

SS0992 - Day DepositSS0992 - Day Deposit

from £142 Plus V.A.T.

SS0990 Series - Cashier DepositSS0990 Series - Cashier Deposit

from £343 Plus V.A.T.

HS1090 Series - Diamond DepositHS1090 Series - Diamond Deposit

from £1302 Plus V.A.T.

UF0600 Series - Tarvos UnderfloorUF0600 Series - Tarvos Underfloor

from £188 Plus V.A.T.

UF0900 Series - Charon UnderfloorUF0900 Series - Charon Underfloor

from £308 Plus V.A.T.

Mini Vault DepositMini Vault Deposit

from £282 Plus V.A.T.

DH Series Deposit SafesDH Series Deposit Safes

from £468 Plus V.A.T.


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