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Police Lockers and Kitbag Storage

These Police lockers have been developed in conjunction with police officers.

The locker has been designed to store in a structured manner all a police officers equipment, from stab vest to riot helmet.

The locker shelves can be repositioned to accommodate different headgear or equipment.

The kit locker is designed to store kit bags.

Large capacity kit storage lockers

Police lockers and kit storage systems

Double door locker with adjustable shelves.

Double door structured storage cupboard designed for police use.

Large hanging space with side storage for garments or equipment.

Dimensions 1775mm high x 700mm wide x 450mm deep

double door police locker

Large single storage locker with shelf.

Large storage locker single door with hat shelf hanging rail and coat hooks

Dimensions 1775mm high x 450mm wide x 550mm deep)

Large storage locker

Kit bag locker

This locker has been designed to store large kit bags, double door

Dimensions 591mm high x 1000mm wide x 550mm deep

Kit bag locker

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