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Quick dispatch lockers, school, workplace and laptop

Range of school lockers

Quick delivery lockers

Our range of quick delivery lockers comprises lockers from, Probe, QMP and Phoenix. Lockers. Ideal as school, delivered on 3 to 5 day delivery to the UK mainland. The lockers consist of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 doors with a limited range of locks.

Locker sizes for Pure, QMP and Phyoenix are 1800mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm or 450mm deep. The Locker carcase is available in grey with a choice of blue or grey doors. lockers have a choice of a hasp or key locks. Some of the lockers painted in anti-bacterial powder paint.

Pure Lockers

Pure lockers offer a cutting-edge solution for secure storage needs, boasting a range of features designed to meet modern demands. At the forefront of hygiene and safety, Pure lockers are equipped with NetZero Anti-bacteria and virus paint, providing a defense against harmful pathogens. This innovative coating actively works to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for stored items.

The inclusion of NetZero Anti-bacteria and virus paint sets Pure lockers apart in terms of hygiene standards. Whether used in healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, or workplaces, this feature provides peace of mind by actively reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of illness.

Pure lockers also offer versatility in terms of security with a wide choice of locks available. From traditional key locks to electronic keypad systems, users can select the option that best suits their security needs. This ensures that valuable items are kept safe and secure, whether it's confidential documents, personal belongings, or expensive equipment.

Furthermore, Pure lockers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different storage requirements. Whether it's a compact locker for individual use or a larger unit for storing bulkier items, there's a size option available to fit every need. This flexibility makes Pure lockers suitable for a wide range of applications, from storing personal belongings in public spaces to organizing equipment in industrial settings.

In summary, Pure lockers offer a comprehensive solution to storage needs, combining advanced hygiene features with customizable security options and a variety of sizes to choose from. With the added protection of NetZero Anti-bacteria and virus paint, users can trust Pure lockers to provide a clean, safe, and secure storage solution for their belongings.

Probe Lockers

The Probe is a leading manufacturer of lockers and storage equipment. They manufacture their product in the UK. The range consists of lockers, laptop lockers, device charging lockers, school lockers, workplace lockers, shelving, racking, mobile shelving, Leisure wet specification lockers, cupboards, changing room seating, medical cabinets and more. The equipment is painted in anti-bacterial paint, which also has a fire certification. Products are delivered on a 3 week lead time with a limited range of lockers on a 5 working day delivery.

School lockers

We supply a wide range of school lockers from metal lockers on a 5 working day delivery. Laminate door lockers are designed to cope with some of the more challenging environments, providing trouble-free usage dealing with some of the more demanding situations. Our range of extensive laptop, tablet and small appliance charging lockers will meet the demands of most schools and colleges.

Workplace Lockers

Our range of workplace lockers consists of wire mesh lockers, garment, divided, twin lockers, vision panel doors, heated lockers, tool charging lockers, postal lockers, large lockers and small device charging lockers.

Laptop, tablet and small devise lockers

We have an extensive range of laptop, tablet and small devise storage and charging lockers. Or lockers are available as storage only or storage and charging with either a standard UK 3-pin plug or 3-pin plug and USB. A selected range of products by Link is available on a 5 day working lead time.

Leisure lockers

We have two ranges of wet area leisure lockers. The System 2000 and ZenBox are ideal for use in a swimming pool environment both come with a wide range of locking solutions. UltraBox lockers are highly durable plastic lockers that can be used either indoors and out. Both options will not rust and the UltrBox+ is watertight.

Office lockers

We offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing lockers consisting of the BuzBox, TimberBox and ShockBox. Timber box has wood laminate doors, BuzBox has MFC doors and ShockBox if fitted with Compact Grade Laminate doors.

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Parts & Service Solutions - Total Locker Service

Staff, School Lockers and workplace lockers

Mesh Locker BankMesh Locker Bank

from £462 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Cube LockerPure Cube Locker

from £43 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Golf LockersPure Golf Lockers

from £142.81 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Low Height lockersPure Low Height lockers

from £67 Plus V.A.T.

Heated LockersHeated Lockers

from £310 Plus V.A.T.

Super Space LockersSuper Space Lockers

from £208 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 10 Door Laptop LockerPure 10 Door Laptop Locker

from £470 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 15 Door Laptop LockerPure 15 Door Laptop Locker

from £510 Plus V.A.T.

Phoenix LockersPhoenix Lockers

from £84 Plus V.A.T.

Probe 1 - 6 Door LockersProbe 1 - 6 Door Lockers

from £83.00 Plus V.A.T.

Anti stock theft  Full Clear DoorAnti stock theft Full Clear Door

from £188.9 Plus V.A.T.

Coin operated lockersCoin operated lockers

from £92 Plus V.A.T.


from £96 Plus V.A.T.

Pure VisionPure Vision

from £152.3 Plus V.A.T.


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