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Laptop lockers, phone and laptop charging lockers

Laptop lockers, phone charging, Laptop and Tablet charging lockers, we supply a wide range of CE marked products. Our charging solutions cater for both small items such as phones to laptop computers.
Laptop lockers

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The everyday life of a school pupil in Britain can get pretty hectic, and they will tell you how useful it is to have a place to store the schools or pupils laptops or tablet computers. However, it’s even more crucial that this storage space is secure and controlled.
We can help with our fantastic range of laptop lockers and trolleys to meet all budgets. Our range of products starts with budget solutions practical and robust through to more secure laptop and storage products with 2mm thick steel doors. Our products are made from durable materials that make them more reliable, more secure and longer lasting than many other models. We have several different products available: click on the images below to learn more about some of our most popular products.




Charging Electronic Devices

Many schools have specific policies about the use of phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. If your pupils require somewhere safe to store these items outside of lessons, try our secure charging lockers. They are made from high gauge steel, which provides security, and are opened using a key or swipe card system. What makes these products stand out is the individual plug socket within each compartment, which allows you to charge up your electronic equipment while you store it safely away.  Our thin laptop lockers are particularly popular in educational institutions.

Budget laptop storage lockers

With the number of laptops used by both businesses and education increasing, this range of Laptop cabinet storage products provides cost-effective lockable storage for laptops and laptop accessories. The range is available with either a single door or individual compartment door, 10 or 15 compartments cam and hasp locks are available as standard, and the 10 compartment unit has the option of £1 coin return locks. Carcase colour light grey, door colour choice of 3 door colours, Red, Light Grey and Dark Blue.

Probe laptop storage and charging lockers

Our Probe laptop lockers are the ideal solution for storing and charging laptops, notebooks, tablets and other small IT or mobile devices. Probe laptop lockers offer a comprehensive range of media tower lockers for a variety of smart appliances. You can choose from powered or non-powered, mobile or static; there’s a media tower to suit your needs. This range incorporates the world class anti-bacterial powder coating. The range comprises 8, 10 and 15 compartment units with a choice of a single door or individual compartment doors; laptop charging is also an option. The lockers are supplied with either cam locks or hasp.

Safecharge laptop lockers

This product is designed for when security matters with its 2mm steel doors and patented locking system. Store and charge your laptops knowing they will be there when you get back fully charged and ready to go. Safecharge is available with 5, 10 and 15 compartments, choice of a single door or individual compartment doors and is available with our without laptop charging. Standard locking options are a cam or hasp along with a broad range of locking option.

Phone charging and laptop charging lockers

We supply a wide range of CE Approved charging lockers which delivers a secure storage solution for charging small portable appliances which include Laptop computers, Tablet computers, Mobile Phones, Radios, Cameras and much more.

Our charging solutions are designed to be used in a wide selection of locations, school, office and workplace the small electrical appliance charging lockers provide a secure place while charging the appliance with the security of knowing it will still be there and it will be fully charged ready for use.

We offer a number of different sized solutions to meet your needs our Mini Minder charging lockers are designed for very small items such as mobile phones, radios and cameras. For larger items, our laptop and tablet charging lockers are ideal.

For most of our locker range we can offer a wide selection of locks from key, swivel hasp, coin, combination mechanical and electronic and card operated locks.


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