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Safety Signs Glow In The Dark

Safety signs glow in the dark(Photoluminescent signs) ideal when there is no power

Total Locker Service provides an extremely wide Glow in the dark signs.

Glow in the dark (Photoluminescent signs) are ideal for when there is no power.

Total Locker Service selection of glow in the dark signs have outstanding illumination, even in total darkness. We offer a wide range of photoluminescent glow in the dark safety signs as well as, Fire Action Signs, Fire Equipment Signs, Fire Exit Signs and Health and Safety Signs.

This range of photoluminescent signs (Glow in the dark signs), can be clearly seen in total darkness. After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes, these signs will glow more than 6 hours in darkness.

In an emergency, a well-lit buildings can suddenly become dark due to power failures, turning the power off due to a potential risk or alternatively, vision being obscured by smoke. These circumstances may be disorientating and frightening, therefore anyone on within the building could need assistance in exiting the building in a safe manner. Photoluminescent signs provides clear directions so that people with the building are guided to the nearest exit in a safe manner. They can also highlight fire alarms which will notify others of a fire break out, or provide key instructions, like not use the lift in the event of a fire.

A photoluminescent label does not rely on electrical power to illuminate, it is easier and more flexible to install and does not require any subsequent maintenance. This LLL – Low Location Lighting is a low lighting guidance system at floor level to provide a means of plainly identifying exits and how to get to them. Photoluminescent markings can be placed on or near the floor and require no electricity. They charge from ambient light and provide luminescent guidance when light is no longer available. Fire fighters throughout the world report that LLL markings have helped them get in and out of burning buildings. They follow the luminescent markings in reverse to get in and have a clearly marked path to get out.

The photoluminescent layer charge under almost any light source and start to glow the moment the lights go out.

Power outages

Unlike traditional electric-powered signs a photoluminescent label does not require any electrical power to illuminate, which makes it more cost-effective to maintain, and easier to position and install.


We manufacture and supply a wide range of standardproducts covering a range of different uses, applications and luminescence.

Or if you want something unique – we can make it.

Low Level

A photoluminescent label is designed to be used at low level positions, which allows it to avoid smoke in the event of a fire and offer better guidance than the common electrical lighting systems positioned at a high level.

Safety signs, mandatory Fire, Fire Equipment and safety signs

Glow In The Dark Safety SignsGlow In The Dark Safety Signs

from £2.4 Plus V.A.T.

Glow In The Dark Safety SignsGlow In The Dark Safety Signs

from £2.4 Plus V.A.T.

Glow In The Dark Safety SignsGlow In The Dark Safety Signs

from £2.4 Plus V.A.T.


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