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Gun Cabinet Turnbull High Security

Turnbull high security Gun cabinet

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High security cabinet for the safekeeping of shotguns and rifles that exceeds the UK standard for storing firearms

  • 4mm solid steel body and door
  • Multi point locking with VdS class safe lock and 2 keys
  • 4 handy storage compartments built into the rear of the door
  • Base and rear fixing holes provided
  • Includes FREE Master Lock 90D gun trigger lock
    • Weapons holder included for up to 7 weapons
    • Weapons holder included for up to 9 weapons
    • Includes single fixed shelf

Gun Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gun cabinet?

A gun cabinet is a secure storage unit specifically designed to hold firearms and ammunition. It typically features locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and may be made from materials like steel, wood, or a combination of both. Gun cabinets are used to ensure the safekeeping of firearms, protect them from damage, and prevent accidents.

What is the difference between a gun cabinet and a gun safe?

Gun cabinets are generally lighter, less expensive, and less secure compared to gun safes. While gun cabinets may use a simple key lock or combination lock, gun safes usually offer higher levels of security through biometric access, electronic locks, or more robust mechanical locks. Gun safes are also typically more resistant to tampering and may offer fire and water resistance.

What should I consider when choosing a gun cabinet?

When choosing a gun cabinet, you should consider the following factors: Material: Steel is stronger but more expensive, whereas wood can offer aesthetic appeal but may be less secure. Locking Mechanism: Look for a secure lock that cannot be easily picked or tampered with. Size: Ensure that the cabinet can accommodate the number and types of firearms you own, as well as any future additions. Location: Think about where you plan to place the cabinet and measure the available space. Legal Requirements: Make sure the cabinet complies with any local or national laws regarding gun storage.

How do I install a gun cabinet?

Installation procedures may vary based on the model and design of the gun cabinet. Wall-mounted models should be anchored securely to wall studs, while floor models should be bolted to the floor for added security. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and effective installation.

What are the legal requirements for owning a gun cabinet?

Legal requirements vary by jurisdiction. However, many places have laws that require firearms to be stored securely when not in use. Secure storage often mandates the use of a locked container like a gun cabinet or safe. Consult local laws and regulations to understand what is legally required in your area.

Can I store ammunition in the same cabinet as my firearms?

This depends on both legal and safety considerations. Some jurisdictions have specific laws regarding the separate storage of firearms and ammunition. From a safety standpoint, it's generally considered prudent to store ammunition separately to reduce the risk of accidental discharge.

What is the optimal temperature and humidity for storing firearms in a gun cabinet?

The optimal conditions for storing firearms generally include a relative humidity level of around 50% and a stable, cool temperature. Consider using a dehumidifier or desiccant packs to control moisture levels in the cabinet. Excessive moisture can lead to rust, while extreme temperatures can negatively impact the performance of firearms.

How often should I check and maintain my gun cabinet?

It's advisable to regularly inspect your gun cabinet for any signs of wear, rust, or tampering. The locking mechanism should also be tested frequently to ensure it is functioning correctly. Maintenance routines can vary based on the manufacturer's guidelines, but generally, you should aim to inspect your cabinet at least every three to six months.

Can a gun cabinet protect against fire and water damage?

Standard gun cabinets may not offer fire or water resistance. If you require protection against these elements, consider investing in a gun safe that is specifically designed to offer fire and water resistance. These will be constructed with materials and seals that can withstand high temperatures and water exposure.

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  • Weight 63.000 kg
  • Dimensions 1250 (H) x 300 (W) x 285 (D) mm

Specification sheet

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Gun Cabinet Turnbull 1 Maximum


Price: £515 Plus V.A.T.
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