DRS Prisma Grade 5 From De Raat
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DRS Prisma Grade 5 By De Raat

DRS Prisma Grade 5 From De Raat

DRS Prisma Grade 5 size 0 - Key/Key Locking Click to enlarge

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The De Raat DRS Prisma Grade 5 Safe represents the pinnacle of security and protection.

This high-security safe is designed for environments requiring maximum security. It is ideal for safeguarding valuable assets and sensitive documents.

Superior Security

Grade 5 Rating: The Prisma Grade 5 safe has a top-tier security rating. It provides exceptional protection against theft and unauthorized access.

Advanced Locking Systems: Equipped with high-security key locks, the safe also offers options for electronic and combination locks. This ensures flexibility and enhanced security.

Multi-Point Locking: The safe features a sophisticated multi-point locking mechanism. This adds an extra layer of defense against forced entry.

Robust Construction

High-Quality Steel: Constructed from premium-grade steel, the safe is incredibly durable. It resists various forms of attacks, ensuring the contents remain secure.

Reinforced Door: The door is reinforced with multiple protective layers. This makes it extremely difficult for intruders to breach.

Anti-Drill and Anti-Cut Plates: The safe includes anti-drill and anti-cut plates. These features protect the locking mechanism from sophisticated attacks.

Fire Protection

Fire Resistant: The Prisma Grade 5 safe offers excellent fire resistance. It protects contents from high temperatures and flames.

Fireproof Insulation: The safe is lined with fireproof insulation. This helps maintain low internal temperatures during a fire.

Certified Safety: It meets stringent international fire safety standards. This ensures reliable protection in case of fire emergencies.

Versatile Applications

Home and Business Use: Suitable for various settings, the safe is perfect for both home and business environments.

Secure Storage: Ideal for storing cash, jewelry, important documents, and sensitive data. It keeps valuables safe from theft and damage.

Customizable Interior: The safe features adjustable shelves and compartments. This allows for flexible and organized storage solutions.

User-Friendly Features

Easy Access Locks: The locking mechanisms are designed for ease of use. They provide quick access while maintaining high security.

Emergency Override: In case of emergencies, the safe has an emergency override feature. This ensures that contents can be accessed swiftly when needed.

Clear Instructions: The safe comes with detailed usage instructions. This helps users understand and utilize all features effectively.

Anchoring Options

Secure Installation: The safe can be securely bolted to the floor or wall. This prevents unauthorized removal and enhances stability.

Enhanced Stability: Proper anchoring ensures the safe remains stable during attempted theft. It adds an extra layer of protection against physical attacks.

Maintenance and Care

Regular Checks: Conduct regular maintenance checks. This includes inspecting locks and hinges to ensure they function correctly.

Cleaning: Keep the safe clean to prevent rust and corrosion. Use appropriate cleaning agents as recommended by the manufacturer.

Key and Code Management: Safely store keys and keep track of electronic codes. Consider having duplicate keys or codes in case of emergencies.

Certification and Assurance

European Standards Compliance: The safe is certified to meet European security standards. This guarantees high quality and reliability.

Insurance Approved: The safe meets insurance requirements for high-value storage. This can help reduce insurance premiums and provide added peace of mind.

The De Raat DRS Prisma Grade 5 Safe offers unmatched security and fire protection. Its robust construction, advanced locking mechanisms, and fire-resistant features make it an ideal choice for high-risk environments. Suitable for both personal and business use, this safe ensures the highest level of protection for valuable possessions. Regular maintenance will keep it in optimal condition, providing reliable security for years to come.

SpecificationSpecification sheet

Indication of value storage:

Cash: £ 100.000 Valuables: £ 1.000.000

The DRS Prisma 5 safes offers a premium protection against burglary and a also protection against fire for 30 minutes. Because of the external hinges, the door can be opened 180°. The DRS Prisma 5 safes are the ideal safes to store your most important belongings.

  • Offers protection against burglary (certified according to EN 1143-1 Grade 5 ECB-S)
  • Offers protection against fire for at least 30 minutes (certified according to EN15659 LFS 30P)
  • Suitable for storing valuable items
  • Supplied with adjustable shelves
  • Supplied with 2 double bitted key locks (2 keys per lock provided)
  • Prepared for bolting down to the floor
  • Colour: grey, RAL 7035
  • The external depth does not include the handle and the hinges of 60 mm

Itemcode: DR642710001

DRS Prisma Grade 5 size 0 - Key/Key Locking



Price: £3122 Plus V.A.T.
£3746.40 V.A.T. Inc


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