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ASSA Hasp locks for Locker Doors

ASSA Hasp locks for Lockers
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ASSA free spin hasp lock

This lock is ideal for when you have a currently fitted to your locker door an ASSA classic, Elite or ASSA cam lock as this will be a direct replacement.

  • Lock is suitable for locker doors up to 22mm thick.
  • For wooden doors with round holes there is an option for a security plate.

  • ASSA hasp diamond shaped

    ASSA hasp lock for up to 16mm thick doors

    ASSA heavy duty hasp

    ASSA heavy duty hasp lock for up to 22mm thick doors

    ASSA Hasp Lock
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    ASSA Hasp Lock    ASSA Hasp Lock    ASSA Hasp Lock  

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