BT Floor Safe Security level 1 to 4
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BT Floor Safe Security 1 to 4

BT Floor Safe Security level 1 to 4

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De Raat BT Floor Safe Security 1 to 4

The De Raat BT Floor Safe series offers robust security solutions with varying levels of protection, ranging from Security 1 to Security 4. These safes are designed to provide reliable security for your valuables, offering peace of mind and convenience.

Security Levels

Security 1:

The Security 1 model of the De Raat BT Floor Safe series provides basic yet effective security. It features solid construction and a reliable locking mechanism to deter casual theft attempts. This model is suitable for securing personal documents, small amounts of cash, and other valuables in homes or small businesses.

Security 2:

Stepping up, the Security 2 safe enhances security with thicker walls and additional reinforcement. It offers increased resistance against prying and drilling attacks, making it suitable for more valuable items and higher-risk environments. Ideal for offices and retail settings where higher security is required.

Security 3:

The Security 3 variant of the De Raat BT Floor Safe series is designed for enhanced security needs. It incorporates advanced materials and construction techniques to withstand prolonged attacks. This safe is suitable for storing larger amounts of cash, sensitive documents, and valuable assets in commercial environments.

Security 4:

At the top end, the Security 4 safe provides maximum security within the De Raat BT Floor Safe series. It features heavy-duty construction with reinforced walls and high-security locks. This model is ideal for storing highly valuable items, confidential documents, and irreplaceable assets where utmost protection is essential.

Features and Construction

Each model in the De Raat BT Floor Safe series shares common features aimed at ensuring security and usability. They typically include:

Solid Construction: Built from high-quality materials to resist attacks and physical damage.

Locking Mechanisms: Equipped with reliable locks that offer varying levels of security, from key locks to advanced electronic combinations.

Installation Options: Designed for easy installation in concrete floors, providing discreet and secure storage solutions.

Interior Fittings: Adjustable shelves or compartments to organize and protect different types of valuables effectively.

Fire Resistance (where applicable): Some models may offer fire-resistant capabilities to protect contents from fire damage.

Benefits of Choosing De Raat BT Floor Safe

Choosing a De Raat BT Floor Safe from the Security 1 to 4 range offers several advantages:

Customized Security: Select the model that best fits your security needs, from basic protection to high-security requirements.

Reliability: Built by a trusted manufacturer known for quality and durability in security products.

Versatility: Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, offering flexibility in securing various types of valuables.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your valuables are secure against theft and unauthorized access.

In conclusion, the De Raat BT Floor Safe series provides a comprehensive range of security solutions tailored to different needs and environments. Whether you require basic protection or maximum security, these safes deliver robust construction, reliable locking mechanisms, and peace of mind. Choosing a De Raat BT Floor Safe ensures your valuables remain secure and protected against unauthorized access, making them an excellent choice for homes, offices, and businesses seeking reliable security solutions

MODEL NUMBERBT 1 Floor SafeBT 2 Floor SafeBT 3 Floor SafeBT 4 Floor Safe
(H x W x D)
540 x 440 x 330mm540 x 490 x 330mm540 x 540 x 430mm540 x 600 x 430mm
(H x W x D)
350 x 424 x 314mm350 x 484 x 314mm350 x 524 x 414mm350 x 584 x 414mm
CAPACITY47 Litres53 Litres76 Litres85 Litres

Itemcode: DR151001101

BT 1 Floor Safe


Price: £686 Plus V.A.T.
£823.20 V.A.T. Inc


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