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Z Shaped Lockers ideal for hanging suits and smart clothing

Z shaped lockers are ideal when you need to hang garments and keep them looking good if you have a need to supply workplace lockers for your staff and need them to look tip top then Z-shaped lockers are the lockers for you.

Z lockers provide the longest possible hanging space whilst still providing part of the locker with a decent width.

Each locker has two doors and can be supplied with a wide variety of locking options from simple key locks, coin operated locks, electronic combination locks and card operated locks.

Z lockers are available in a wide range of laminate options from both Formica and Arpa compact grade laminate ranges

Though we have a standard product we can adjust the locker dimensions to your needs, just give is a call on 01284 749211

Z shaped lockers


  • Standard height 1775mm with a flat top and 1925mm with a sloping top
  • Standard width 400mm
  • Standard depth 450mm
  • Number of doors 2
  • Hanging rail
  • Wide choice of premium laminates
  • Arpa laminate Formica laminate
  • Wet specification lockers
  • Inset laminate locker door numbers
  • Engraved laminate door numbers
  • Locker plinths, stands and seat stands

Locking options


Coin locks 

Ojmar premium coin return locks wet or dry specification

Locks are available in all coin denominations along with multi-coin.

Security you can choose either standard keys or the premium securikey cylinders

Ojmar coin lock

Ojmar card operated locks

Lock uses either a punched card or card and coin deposit to operate the lock

Card lock

Ojmar OCS locks

This is a premium combination lock

The lock is available with programming software and a remote control that can be used to program the lock or as a master key.

 Ojmar combination locks

Ojmar OTS locks

The best RFID lock available works with the Mifair format

Is available as a simple public use lock or as a private use lock

The advanced lock is available with a powerful software program allowing the administrator to issue locker compartments

Ojmar card lock

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