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Modular Cube Storage Lockers

Our modular cube storage lockers are a great solution for storing small items securely. The frame is made from heavy gauge mild steel and the doors are equipped with two five-knuckle, semi-concealed hinges for a solid, secure storage solution.

For extra peace of mind, we offer an after-sales service to give you any support and advice you need with your lockers.

Storage lockers that stack up

What’s great about these cube metal lockers is that they are suitable for areas that aren’t being used. They are designed to go almost anywhere and fit neatly into the smallest spaces.
What makes modular cube lockers so versatile are that you can create the storage space you want by stacking several together, using as many cubes as required.
Easy to install, our cube lockers are also available with optional plinth and internal shelves, so you get even more out of them. The plinth is perfect for raising the locker off the ground slightly. Each cube is drilled on the sides, top and bottom so you can bolt several of them together to suit your storage needs. Nuts and bolts are also supplied with the lockers.

Identify stored items easily

Our products come in a range of colours so you can identify them easily

The doors are fitted with a handy plastic plate around the lock, which can be used as a number holder or name card. This means if you run out of coloured storage cubes, you can still label them for easy identification. No more will you forget what’s stored where or who the locker belongs to.

If you’re after cube metal storage lockers for your school or business, contact our friendly staff for more information.

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Probe cube lockers

Probe cube lockers

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