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Buggy Lock and pram lock

Buggy Lock is a pram security system for public spaces and buildings offering family-friendly facilities a low-cost, easy-fit solution to prevent the growing problem of buggy theft.

Latest police statistics show that pram theft has risen by almost a quarter in the past five years, a problem estimated to cost £70m per year. This wall-mounted product can be installed in under ten minutes - inside or outside - and provides a robust coin operated mechanism that gives parents and carers peace of mind that their valuable buggy is completely secure.

‘Buggy Lock’, which is supplied with a two-year warranty, is weatherproof and uses renowned Ojmar locking technology to safely secure any type or size of pram or pushchair. Visual instructions at point-of-use ensure that it can be accessed by parents and carers on a self-service basis - making it as easy to use as a supermarket trolley system.
The innovative new product is suitable for any public building where parents and carers face problems of how to secure an unattended buggy.

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4 buggy locks mounted on two laminate slats
locks operate using a £1 coin which is returned when
the key is replaced.
buggy lockpram lock

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