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Supershelf Shelving

Supershelf is one of the most durable and reliable shelving systems currently available.
The list of businesses, across various industries and sectors, that could benefit from this easy assemble storage solution is practically endless.

Whether you work in retail, wholesale or any industrial or commercial environment, Supershelf is designed to help companies organise their stock simply and easily.

These boltless steel shelving products have a smart zinc finish which is really easy to clean.
This makes it ideal for both customer facing and warehouse storage.

Supershelf shelving offers lightweight but robust storage. Get in touch today to place an order or browse our products below

Short Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving

Super shelf short span


Shortspan Shelving

Supershelf shortspan shelving series offers 900mm or 1200mm widths and a choice of five depths. Each shelf can hold up to 280kg per level UDL (Uniform Distribution Load).

Longspan Shelving

The longspan products offer 1500mm and 1800mm width shelving options and can support an impressive 350kg per level UDL. The perfect solution to all your industrial storage needs
Supershelf offers varying width options. The shelf length of the shortspan options are either 900mm or 1200mm, while the longspan shelves come in a width of 1500mm or 1800mm. These options mean you can find the perfect sized product to fit the space available to you.

Both the longspan and shortspan units are 2000mm high and offer a choice of 5 depths, but where the latter has a maximum shelf weight of 280kg, the former can hold up to 350kg per level.

Easy Assembly

One of the best features about Supershelf storage is that it’s entirely boltless, with levels and upright frames that simply slot together. This makes erecting these products really easy, which can be a real bonus in business when you want to get your racking and storage assembled quickly so you can carry on with more important tasks.

You can choose between 4 and 8 shelves depending on your storage needs, although add-on bays are also available.

Should you require a height below 2000mm please make a note specifying the required height in the comments box at time of order and we will cut the frames for you free of charge
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