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eXtreme Outdoor Lockers

The eXtreme plastic locker range offers an innovative

approach to the issues of durability and space saving

thanks to its robust design.

Outdoor storage

Like many lockers, these are strong and durable, but they’re

also extremely weather resistant, which makes them ideal for

outdoor use. You don’t have to worry about rusting or damage

caused by cold or damp conditions, so they’re perfect for sports

facilities such as tennis or golf clubs or even water parks and

theme parks.


The eXtreme range comes in three sizes. Each locker has a base

of 320mm x 460mm, but the heights vary between 450mm, 600mm,

and 900mm. They are made from a tough polyethylene material and

the hinge can endure an incredible amount of pressure, which offers a

great level of protection to the valuables stored inside. The body is a

simple grey colour, but the doors come in a choice of blue, red, yellow

or green. These vivid colours can brighten up a corridor or changing room.

A variety of locking mechanisms are available, including cam, hasp and

coin locks. Each eXtreme locker comes with air vents, which helps keep

the compartment fresh, and a space for a label or number for

identification purposes.

Where to use them?

As well as being great for any outdoor location, these plastic lockers

offer some great advantages for internal use. Being resistant to water

makes them easy to clean and therefore a really hygienic option.

You can even hose clean them, making them a great option for swimming

pool changing rooms, and ideal for use in food preparation areas or wet rooms .

Their chemical and structural robustness makes the eXtreme range ideal for

all sorts of working environments where conditions can be challenging, such as factories, warehouses, oil rigs or construction sites. They’re particularly popular as school lockers and for use in colleges because in addition to them withstanding vandalism well, the option to store them outside frees up a great deal of internal space. 

The eXtreme™ plastic locker offers a vast improvement over conventional metal lockers.

Very popular with schools as the lockers can be positioned externally for massive space saving opportunities inside school buildings.
  • Locker heights available 450, 600, 900mm
  • Base size of all 3 lockers is 320mm x 460mm
  • Suitable for outdoor use as well as wash down and wet areas (food production, swimming pools etc.)
  • Tough polyethylene material
  • Retro fit sloping top available
  • Grey bodies with blue, red, yellow or green doors
  • Very strong hinge that can withstand 3200N before breaking
  • 15 year guarantee (subject to terms)

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