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Multiple bike racks and stands, Cycle storage racks 


Round-a-tree Bike Racks

These innovative cycle racks permit the creation of bike parking areas in unusual places, such as round a tree or pole. The larger racks are

circular, while the smaller ones are square. Both styles are supplied in 2 halves for easy assembly.

  • Available in different sizes to provide parking for up to 24 bikes
  • All racks mount to the ground not the tree
  • Easy access for cyclists from all directions
  • Can also be fitted round poles, bollards and posts
  • Welded construction, made in 2 halves with simple self assembly instructions
  • Constructed from mild steel, powder coated exterior grade black                                                                                                                             
  4 Bike Capacity Rack
 H.580 x W.590 x D.590
£235.00 Nett        
  8 Bike Capacity Rack
 H.580 x W.1080 x D.1080
£331.00 Nett
12 Bike Capacity Rack
 H.600 x W.2300 x D.2300
£482.00 Nett
24 Bike Capacity Rack
 H.750 x W.3120 x D.3120
£547.00 Nett


tree bike rack

round a tree bike rack

cycle rack round a tree

tree cycle rack

Pillar Bike Racks


A sturdy, value for money rack that grips the wheels. Bikes can be stored at twin levels with wheel ramps to upper level.

Available as single or double sided units.

  • Tough welded construction
  • Made from tubular steel
  • Simply bolts to floor
  • Powder coated dark grey

Single Sided
 4 Bikes 
 690mm(h) 1450mm(w) 985mm(d)
 6 Bikes 
 690mm(h) 2330mm(w) 985mm(d)

Double Sided

 8 Bikes 
 690mm(h) 1450mm(w) 1840mm(d)
12 Bikes 
 690mm(h) 2330mm(w) 1840mm(d)



Pillar Bike Rack

Claw Bike Racks

A stand alone twin-level bike rack for up to 12 bikes. Available as single sided units for sitting against walls and double sided units for access from two directions.

  • Made from stylish curved tubular steel
  • Simply bolts to floor
  • Fully welded - no assembly required
  • Powder coated dark grey


Single Sided
 4 Bikes 
 670mm(h) 1445mm(w) 790mm(d)
 6 Bikes 
 670mm(h) 2325mm(w) 790mm(d)

Double Sided

 8 Bikes 
 670mm(h) 1665mm(w) 790mm(d)
12 Bikes 
 670mm(h) 2545mm(w) 790mm(d)  

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