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Door Options - Mild steel lockers

Vision Door

Vision Door

Where is helpful to be able to monitor the content
of a group of lockers without having to open each
of them in turn. The vision door with its acrylic insert is a simple choice.
toughened door

Toughened Door

When it’s necessary to upgrade the level of security
against more determined attacks here is one possible
solution in the range. The unobtrusive double-skinned
(Toughened) provides a far stronger door with a near
identical external appearance to the standard option.
laminate doors

Laminate Door

The toughest door available that can be fitted to
a locker, resistant to casual vandalism.
Available in plant on or inset, wide choice of laminate
colours, both produce an incredibly good looking product
Locker door

Standard Door

Mild steel door available in a variety of colours secured to
the locker body by a robust 5 knuckle hinge.
School lockers......

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