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Lift Off For Laptop Locker Sales


Sales of laptop lockers have surged by 40% in the last 3 months at Total Locker Service.

The growing need to protect valuable portable items and the recognition that this particular product meets the requirements for increased security and flexibility in diverse market sectors has led to this phenomenal growth against current economic trends.

‘Wsecure storage and charging of laptopse believe that more people have picked our product because of the high levels of security and versatility they offer’, says John Scott, Operations Director.  ‘The increased levels of safekeeping are due to high standards of manufacture and the toughening of parts and areas of the locker that are usually targeted by thieves and vandals.’

Each laptop is concealed within its own safe space – and this takes a would-be burglar much longer to access all the laptops; most other products provide just one door for access – which is convenient but not so secure. And the locker looks.....just like a locker, so does not appear special or valuable to the would-be casual thief.

The product is manufactured and constructed to deter the attack of  thieves from any angle  - from its 2mm thick doors, rigid welded frame, concealed 8mm thick rod hinge to its  patented ‘SafeSecure’ locking system.

Construction: The locker is constructed by spot welding and pop-riveting, resulting in a rigid strength, while the door frame is comprisedcoin operated laptop locker of two uprights which are manufactured from heavy gauge steel of pressed channel section plus strong top and bottom cross members. The construction produces a rigid frame which enables door clearances to be maintained in accordance with BS requirements.   The left hand frame upright incorporates a continuous door stop to prevent break-ins near the lock. And finally the doors are retained in the frame by a continuous 8mm zinc plated rod providing a concealed robust hinge.
The patented Helmsman ‘SafeSecure’ locking system is designed to prevent break-ins around the lock – often a vulnerable area. This system is designed so that the lock cam engages in two places within the door upright, thus providing great strength and security. 

Versatility: ‘The locker provides great security for a reasonable cost; while many add-on options increase the versatility and value for our customers’ says Anne Rivett, Managing Director. There are 5, 10 and 15 locker compartment options to suit various needs. The 5 compartment is stackable and easily transported, while the 10 compartment will allow storage of the laptop bag too; and the 15 compartment allows multi-storage. 

Re-charging: While the laptop is locked up – it can also be re-charging its batteries. Re-charging is becoming an important requirement as more people work on the move, or have busy schedules so that the ability to readily re-charge electronic devices is a necessity. 

All lockers can be supplied with AC/DC charging options: each compartment can be provided with a 3-pin mains voltage socket to enable the charging of portable devices. Each cabinet is also provided with a switch fuse to isolate these charging points. European and worldwide variations are also available.  Before delivery, lockers are PAT tested, earthed, CE marked and provided with a certificate.  Of course the locker can also be used to re-charge all small electrical items such as phones, PDAs, hand tools etc.

Locking choices: while the cam lock is standard, the customer has many other options to suit the aspirations of the laptop controller; these include: hasp for padlocks, coin locks, electronic digital locks, swipe cards, tags and RFID options. The RFID option provides a complete management network for the lockers – this may be a stand alone option, but more frequently is used to integrate with other facility management systems, such as control cards for door access, library use and cashless catering.

Increased security demands in colleges, schools and workplaces make this an ideal product. At Telford College, Edinburgh University, over 400 SafeCharge locker compartments were installed to provide ultimate security and control for college staff and students alike. The lockers, all accessed laptop lockers swipe card or rfidby means of the multi-use identity swipe cards carried by staff, are used by the 300 members of staff at the college. In addition, a further 100 compartments are used to store and charge the bank of laptop computers available for loan to the students of the college.

All students and staff use a swipe cards for access to other college premises – and this same card was employed to access the laptop lockers. As a result security was increased:  data was in safekeeping, and laptops were re-charged while staff and students re-charged their own batteries.

To complete the picture Total Locker Service provides  technical advice, an installation and maintenance service; prompt delivery of replacement keys and parts plus product refurbishment provide customers with the confidence that their valuable items will be secure and always available for use.


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