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Library Shelving, static and mobile shelving units

 Technic library shelving
 library shelving
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Technic library shelving, versatile & stylish

Library Storage and Shelving Systems, mobile and static shelving units
We have has spent years developing library systems with the precise needs of the customers and their users in mind.
We know therefore, that library users expect attractive premises and to be able to locate and obtain the books and magazines they seek quickly and easily.
Technic shelving is associated with a leading specialist in library furnishings enables us to offer a total service.
From the interior design of the premises in question, to the manufacture and installation of storage products which meet the needs of individual customers in terms of size, shape and quantity.
This versatile shelving system offers a wide range of specialist shelves and accessories to suit your business.

Technic shelving can be quickly adapted to meet your changing needs and is quick and easy to construct, saving down time and minimising disturbance.
Technic shelving is available as both static and mobile units.

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