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All organisations, whether businesses, public sector services or educational establishments, have some responsibility to provide somewhere safe for visitors, students or employees to store their bikes. We offer a wide range of bicycle storage solutions, from low-cost stands to complete lockable compounds.

Our high-quality steel dipped products are extremely durable, lasting years on end with little to no maintenance required. We can ensure you get the right product, whatever your budget and requirements. Give our experts a call on 01284 749 211 or take a look at our range of bike stands, racks and shelters below.

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Sheffield bike racks


 Bike sheds, cycle shelters

Toast rack bike rack


This tubular bike stand is the first choice for many organisations, and its simple square arch design was suggested by cyclists themselves for easy learning and support. Sheffield bike racks can be surface mounted, subsurface fixed (with concrete), or a combination of both for the ultimate in stability. Choose from 14 colours, and install individually or in series.

 We are proud to offer the Hamble Cycle Shelter, one of the most popular shelters on the market. This unique design offers a transparent polycarbonate cladding for coverage and protection from the elements. The bike shelter can be customised in a large number of ways, from different colours and framework options to adding kit lockers and CCTV. The shelters can also be extended thanks to their modular design.

Park multiple bikes in one easy unit with an affordable toast bike rack. With these, you can accommodate any number of bicycles, and they are pre-set with a minimum of 800mm space between the bars so two cycles can be comfortably parked on each side. The adjoining flat metal plate can be bolted to an existing surface, making installation easy.




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