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Accessible Lockers for Disabled Changing Rooms

These easy access lockers and storage products are ideal for people who have difficulty using conventional lockers. We offer the perfect solution for health and leisure centres that want to improve their changing room facilities for disabled people.

We’ve taken time to speak to disabled people to understand the most common issues they face with poorly equipped changing facilities. Using this information, we’ve put together a range of accessible lockers that meet the needs of disabled users – making visiting health and leisure centres more pleasurable for everyone.

Midi height Locker
Low Level Locker
Large Lockers 
 Midi height Locker
low level lockers
large lockers

Mid-level Locker

These lockers can be installed at various heights to improve accessibility for disabled people. They provide a sturdy and secure place to leave your personal belongings while you’re playing sport.

Not everyone can reach the handle or lock of regular storage facilities in changing rooms. Our low-level lockers are designed specifically for wheelchair users and those who have difficulty reaching high up.

These lockers are placed on the floor or a small stand, so that wheelchair users can pull up right beside the locker. Each one is approximately 1300mm high, with easily accessible compartments and space for hanging clothes . And there’s a raised bottom shelf to make reaching down much easier. 

Our midi height lockers are mounted on frames on the changing room wall. This offers better access, allowing wheelchair users to get closer to the locker door. They come with a low-level lock, which can be reached easily.  

Large Lockers, Extra Storage

Our full-length lockers provide much-needed extra storage in disabled changing rooms. These are ideal for keeping walking aides, crutches and prosthetics safe. We can create these to dimensions of your choosing, to meet individual needs. 

Lockers for Visual Impairment

We provide changing room lockers for people with visual impairments. Some people find it hard to tell where one locker starts and another ends. Colour contrasting locker doors will eliminate this problem.
Reading locker numbers can be problematic too. We provide Braille markings on locker doors and wrist straps in a range of primary colours to help those with visual disabilities.

Easy-To-Use Locks

We provide easy access locks to cater for people with impaired dexterity.  These range from simple hasp latch locks to electronic options.

We can also provide secure wheelchair storage equipment.

Help Improve Disabled Access in Leisure Centres

The 2012 Paralympic Games in London encouraged everyone to support disabled sport in the UK. We’re proud to do our bit by providing health and leisure centres with this excellent range of accessible lockers for disabled users.

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